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While exploring a number of new products for our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide, we happened upon a new offering from Sally Hansen. Miracle Gel is a nail polish line that comes in over eighty colors that performs at a level head and shoulders above other competing products at the same price point. To examine the line, we procured a bottle of V-Amplifed, a dark red with considerable purple tones, Cabernet with Bae, a darker purple color, and the Miracle Gel top coat. The first thing we noticed was how well the polish covered our nails. Just a swipe or two was sufficient enough for solid coverage. Hansen’s latest dries in a short time, ensuring one can put on a second color coat in just a few minutes. The color pops on one’s fingernails after they put the finishing top coat on. 

I am always working with my hands during the day. As a result, many of the nail polishes that I use begin to chip or look dull after a single day of working out, doing dishes or dealing with my daughter. Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel was able to stand up to all of the daily damage to my hands and look fabulous. When it was time to change the shade, I was particularly impressed with the fact that removing the Miracle Gel did not leave my fingers red. While we have received a number of nail polishes over the years for NeuFutur Fashion, I feel that these new Sally Hansen efforts are far and away the favorites I’ve experienced the last year.

Sally Hansen’s line of Miracle Gel polishes are available from a wide array of supermarkets, beauty stores, and department stores. For a full run down of the range of colors that comprise the Miracle Gel line, visit the Sally Hansen website. A bottle will run around $7-10.

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