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Over the years, we have had the opportunity to review a number of kitchen knives. As we’re continually in the kitchen, it makes sense that when we receive a care package from a company containing any sort of implements, we provide some form of coverage. However, there was a set of knives that we received from France that we’ve been evaluating for the better part of two years. I was going to hold off completely on reviewing the item, but I feel that the rest of the world should be tipped off about the poor quality of theses knives.

Priced at 130 Euro for a pack of 6, the Thiers steak knives possess a bright, vibrant handle in a set of colors that will make any meal pop. However, this is about the only positive that I can give the set. The heft of the knives is fine in one’s hand, but even right out of the package, the knives did not stand up to a medium rare porterhouse. Even with meats that are typically more pliable (such as chicken), the Thiers Steak Knives struggled to make clean cuts. In the months since we received the set, the cuts have only became poorer. While we have a brief reprieve whenever we sharpen the knives, they rapidly become dull after a few weeks.

For our money, we’d recommend picking something up like the Steak Knives released by Globai Sai or something from Kyocera’s ceramic line . We’ve packed up the Thiers steak knives for the time being and have purchased a cheaper (~$40 for a complete set) collection of serrated knives to deal with our dinner parties and other social events. We’re sure that the higher end of Thiers knives are perfectly acceptable, but that individuals in the market for a good set of value-priced steak knives should do a bit more searching before they lock in their purchase.


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