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The hefeweizen style is one that a number of breweries do but only a few of them do well. There are a bevy of examples of where the beer ends up just being a wheaty mess and it really takes skilled hands to come up with something special in the style. Oregon’s Full Sail Brewing has create a Hefeweizen in their current Session offering. Session Wheat is our go to beer when it comes to the style.

Session Wheat (Full Sail Brewing)

There is a substantial wheat element to the beer that is given a nice zing through the presence of citrus and slight banana flavors. The Session Wheat pours with a light straw coloration and a good amount of effervescence with a white head. Hints of malts and grain can be picked up in the beer which moves slightly to sweeter elements as it is allowed to warm. Full Sails Session Wheat is an eminently drinkable beer, and is one that an imbiber should be able to drink three or four of over the course of a night.

The beer is pegged at a good alcohol percentage that ensured that there is not anything in the way of sharpness to the overall constellation of flavors. When looking to move in to craft beers and the litany of different hefeweizens on the market that are available I could not think of a better introductory beer than the Session Wheat. The full lineup of year around and seasonal efforts by Full Sail is available with additional information at the brewery’s main domain. Further information about new product offerings and the limited time presents of certain beers can be found at the brewery’s Twitter and Facebook. Over the course of the last few years we have looked at quite a few different Full Sail beers. Check out the links below and buy the Session Wheat from Full Sail Brewing from your local beer store.

Over the last few years, we have reviewed a number of Full Sail’s offerings including their WassailESB, Session Cream Ale, Bock,IPA and Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout .

Rating 8.1 / 10

Session Wheat (Full Sail Brewing) / 5.4% ABV / 24 IBU / / /

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