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There is little flavor that a great many of the cream ales have; many are virtually indistinguishable from the beers that clog a gas station. However, Full Sail has created an offering in Session Cream Ale that is able to be refreshing without coming forth as banal and mundane. The beer pours with a yellow to light organge coloration without much in the way of head. The nose will yield hints of grain and a smaller (but still noticeable) floral element.


This Cream Ale is able to balance the yin and yang of sweet and grainy to make for something that is refreshing without falling too far into either camp. As the beer continues to warm, there is a small change in the overall flavor profile that is present. The sweeter element is muted a slight amount to allow for the more bitter and malt elements a time to shine. By differing over time, the Cream Ale increases it overall drinkability. With its 5.4% ABV mark, there is no reason why one could not polish off a six pack over the course of a night.

For additional information about Full Sail’s story, their pub, and their large amount of different beers, visit their domain at . We have covered previous Full Sail beers in the past – check our thoughts about their Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout , Bock , IPA , and  ESB The latest in updates about what beers are currently available from Full Sail can be located at their Facebook.

Rating: 8.5/10

Session Cream Ale / Full Sail Brewing / 5.4% ABV / 26 IBU /


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