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Pizza is our jam. Seriously, we’ve been through so many different pizza places through our travels that we could probably give you a list of 100 different pizzerias through the mid-west that you should try. We were lucky enough to be given a chance to visit the Royal Oak (Detroit suburb) location of Pieology a bit back, and wanted to report that the company is serving up some great pies without charging an arm and a leg.


First off, the friendliness of everyone at the Royal Oak location was infectious. Everyone on that day had a big smile on their face and more than enough time to give us further information about each of the offerings that they could cook up for us. When we first got to the location, we immediately were greeted and had our order put in. It seemed like only a few minutes after when we received our first plates. The butter strips ($2.95) were a good way to stave off the hunger from a long day of shopping in the always-popping Royal Oaks area. The dipping sauce was ample enough for a couple to dunk their strips with extreme gusto.

Our salads were similarly stuffed. For those looking for just a bit of green without spending a ton of green, Pieology offers a side salad ($3.95) that will fill one up. We were all about their larger salads, especially their Caesar Salad ($7.95). For the first time at a restaurant, we actually felt as if we received enough in the way of chicken to make things work. Typically, we only get a bite or two of chicken and a whole heck of a lot of romaine. Pieology wants to give individuals a salad that’s less of a side and more of a full meal.

The Fire Grilled BBQ Chicken ($7.50) is a beast in and of itself. While we can usually polish off a half a pizza in one go, the BBQ sauced, double-cheesed (gorgonzola and mozzarella) and chickened pizza ensured that we were only able to finish a piece or two.


For those individuals that are a big fan of all of the meats, Pieology’s Butcher’s Choice ($7.50) would be the offering for you. Sticking meatball, sausage and pepperoni on a pizza along with a sauce/olive oil blend turned this into a truly transcendent experience. Of course, one does not need to solely focus on the company’s signature pizzas. They can create something special and unique for what you’re feeling during the day.

Pieology also offers a child-sized pizza for those picky eaters that may just want pepperoni and cheese on their efforts when the parents / caretakers want something a bit more nuanced.

If you find yourself in the Detroit area and want a great pizza that allows you to have an individual experience without having to spend a ton of money, Pieology should be the place you stop. Fresh ingredients, amazing flavors, this is a pizzeria that you should be sure is going to knock it out of the park each and every time.

Pieology (Royal Oak, Michigan) / 323 S Main St, Royal Oak, MI 48067 / 11-11 M-F, 11-3:30AM Sa, Su / http://pieology.com

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