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The garden is a great place for entertaining friends in the summer, eating great BBQ food and drinking cocktails in the sun. But if the garden is a bit flat and it doesn’t have much atmosphere, it’s not the best place to host a party. If you’re not getting that much use out of the garden because it’s looking a bit worse for wear, you need to give it an overhaul. You could pay for expensive landscaping work that takes ages but there’s no need to do anything that drastic. There are plenty of cheap and easy things you can do to give the garden a bit more atmosphere.

A Fire Pit


When you’re hosting parties late into the evening, you need to keep everybody warm. Outdoor heaters are one option but they’re expensive and don’t look that elegant. You’re much better off with a fire pit instead. The warm glow of a fire creates a nice ambience as well as keeping everybody warm. Check out the Best Fire Pit: Product Reviews & Buyers Guide to help you choose the best one. A great fire pit makes the perfect focal point for conversation when you’re entertaining people out in the garden.


Fairy Lights


Lighting is another essential when you’re trying to create a nice atmosphere in the garden but the good news is, you don’t need anything expensive. The easiest way to get some great low mood lighting in your garden is a set of fairy lights. Drape them around the fences and in the trees if you’ve got any and they’ll look amazing. It’s going to cost you next to nothing to set up and the effect is amazing.




If you don’t want to be working on the garden every week to get it looking great for your guests, a lawn isn’t the best way forward. You’ll have to mow it regularly, otherwise, it’ll get overgrown and ruin the ambience in the garden. You should just replace it with a patio instead. It’s a great way to cut down the work you need to do in the garden and increase your outdoor space at the same time. If you don’t mind a bit of gardening and you still want to grow some stuff, you can split the garden and put down patio on half.


Pot Plants


Even if you do hate gardening, you should probably have some plants in the garden. They do make the place look nice after all. But if you can’t be bothered with high maintenance plants, you should just put some pot plants around the patio area. You’ll still have to water them every week or so but it’s nowhere near as much work as maintaining a proper planting bed. There are plenty of plants like succulents or cacti that are very low maintenance and pretty hard to kill, even for the worst gardeners so it doesn’t matter too much if you forget to water them from time to time.


Before you start paying out loads of money for landscaping, try some of these quick fixes to inject a bit more atmosphere into your outdoor space. Check for some few tips on how to set up an outdoor kitchen.

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