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If you ever felt ‘in the mood for love’ after watching an episode of Game of Thrones or a film from the Lord of the Rings saga, what would you say if you knew there was a scientific reason for it? New research has shown that what you read or watch, and what you believe, are strongly intertwined. Consuming fantasy literature and television in particular have been found to foster healthy beliefs about the way romance should function, and that is good news for the many couples consuming this type of show. If you enjoy GOT or Harry Potter, what can you take from these works to better your sex life with your partner?

What Qualities Foster Romanticism?

The research mentioned above showed that people who enjoy fantasy frequently are also more likely to see conflict as a great opportunity to grow as a couple. Indeed, conflict can be very beneficial, whenever the right skills are used to solve it. Watching GOT-style shows is also linked to a more flexible frame of mind. That is, they tend to feel that partners can work on qualities that need changing. They also tend to see the similarities that unite different sexes, and understand that in relationships, communication is everything.

How Can You Apply These Skills To Your Relationship?

One of the most fascinating things about people who enjoy fantasy shows and literature  is that they actually tend to have more realistic ideas of what a good relationship needs. Take the area of communication. We know that couples who communicate their needs – including their sexual needs – are happier. However, many people mistakenly expect their partners to be ‘mind readers’, failing to state their needs precisely and in a way that can be practically fulfilled. Research has shown that couples that fantasize and are open to practices such as role playing and using sex toys also experience greater desire and ultimately, a better sex life. Yet too many people are fearful of rejection and keep their wishes to themselves, negating one important fact: about 90% of people fantasize about having sex with someone other than their partner. Both men and women fantasize about having sex with a third party, taking part in group sex, or even being with a work colleague. Many of the most common fantasies people have (including trying a new position and making love in a romantic location) can easily be carried out with your partner, but if you don’t know what turns them on, where do you start?

Fantasy Has Plenty To Teach

The importance of speaking your mind and resolving conflict is clear. It is easy to see how GOT itself, which recently ended its super successful run with a less-than-satisfying ending for most, teaches vital lessons that couples can apply. The character of Tyrion, for instance, has used well reasoned arguments to get out of more than one pickle. Indeed, his words shape the plot and end a conflict that was just about to escalate. Indeed, couples can apply many of his sage strategies and tactics when it comes to resolving their own conflicts.

We don’t really know if the fantasy attracts reasonable folk or if the literature itself has the ability to affect the way couples relate to each other. There can be no doubt, however, that literature and film have the potential (as all the arts do) to broaden our vision. If you are a big Harry Potter, GOT or Hobbit fan, analyze the characters’ most challenging moments and find inspiration, if you need it, from their experiences to bring a more honest, open approach to both your relationship and your sex life.

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