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Drupal is a content management system (CMS), with over one million users worldwide. Drupal offers an adaptable and strong infrastructure, as well as an innovative design and open-source modules. Additionally, Drupal provides organizations with access to a number of free tools and information to help users achieve the right functionality, design, and features. These are just some of the reasons why you might choose to use Drupal over other content management systems. Read on for more detailed information on what makes Drupal one of the top website solutions available:

Why Drupal is one of the most reliable options on the market in 2020:

  1. Faster than WordPress

Drupal is faster than WordPress as a result of its default caching features. A cache is a software or hardware element that stores data so that when that data is requested in the future, it can be retrieved quicker. Drupal has a Cache API that stores the data that takes the longest to compute. As a result, this will make your drupal site faster than WordPress.

2. Easily Integrate Third-Party Tools

One of the big differentiators between Drupal and other CMS’s is that Drupal allows users to integrate third-party tools easily. The Drupal CMS is flexible, allowing you to integrate software or platforms, (like Salesforce or HubSpot), into your website, instead of having to use proprietary automation and analytics tools.

3. Built-In UX and UI Tools and Modules

Drupal offers user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) tools and modules that allow you to create interactive, personalized, and target experiences for your site visitors. For instance, Drupal has several content personalization modules, including Personalization Module, Commerce Recommender, Browsing History Recommender, and Context-Menu Block. They also offer responsive web design so that regardless of what type of screen your visitor is using, Drupal will modify the site to fit their screen. Additionally, this advanced system makes it easy for a development team to build and maintain your site.

4. APIs that Simplify and Streamline the Development Process

Robust APIs are essential for any website that wants to engage in online marketing. Drupal has several APIs which not only make the development process quicker and easier but which also create an intuitive website for customers:

  • The Restful Web Services API allows other applications to read and update information on your site through the Web.
  • Render API improves a user’s experience by providing faster page loading and improved caching protocols.
  • The Translation API is able to adjust the language on your site based on your viewer’s location.

5. Integrated ECommerce Solution

Drupal Commerce is completely integrated with Drupal and is able to take advantage of all the capabilities Drupal has to offer. As a result, development time is reduced because you don’t have to develop and maintain a custom integration between two independent systems. Additionally, you don’t have to develop two different versions of your visual templates or manually configure the CMS with information about the products from your eCommerce store.

6. Tools to Optimize for Search Engines

Drupal’s Metatag module makes it easy to automatically add meta tags to your site, which is crucial for SEO. This module also allows you to customize how your content appears on social media sites with APIs like Twitter Cards and Facebook’s Open Graph protocol.

7. Flexible and Intuitive Taxonomy System

Drupal’s taxonomy system uses keywords to streamline how your site’s content is organized. This content classification system makes it easy to organize the information on your site, as well as navigate search terms and establish viewing options.

8. Browser-Based Platform

Drupal is a browser-based platform. The website data is available wherever and whenever a user logs in.  This means that Drupal can be edited from any computer by multiple users, all at the same time. It also means that there is no software to download, install, update, or manage. This is especially useful for large organizations.

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