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With the costs of living at an all time high and fossil fuels on their last legs anyway – the time is right for you to turn to solar power as a replacement. Natural energy sources – that is, relying on the power the world naturally generates – is the perfect replacement in an eco-friendlier world. Besides, it saves you a significant amount of money in your household expenses. For instance, you can look for a reliable solar power company to install a solar hot water system in your house. The system will provide between 75%-85% of a household’s hot water needs at no cost, significantly reducing your electricity bills. To know more about solar power and its sustainability, there is an online MBA in Sustainability course that will help you understand the economic, technical, and societal applications of solar energy practices as a renewable energy.

In light of this, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the top 5 ways that solar panels can save you a fortune on your energy bills – especially when you live in the southern hemisphere. When the sun is this abundant, we really ought to be making good use!

The Top 5 Ways Solar Panels Save Energy Bills

Whether you get all of your energy solar, or whether you use panels to off-set your energy supply, here are the top ways that they save you a small fortune.

1 – Solar Panels Heat water

Solar power is a renewable and sustainable way to heat your water supply. Anyone who has bathed in the warm sea will be able to tell you the sun can heat your water. In order to offset your heating bill, use solar panels to help heat the water in your house. It’s just as reliable as more traditional methods. Easy Solar can help with the installation.

2 – Solar Power can Generate Surplus

If you have solar panels in Sydney, a city that receives a large amount of sun exposure, it might be that you generate more energy than you actually use once you have installed solar panels. In this instance, you may be able to sell the excess back to your energy firm. If your model is efficient – you could end up being paid, instead of paying them! If you have enough land – why not start now? Solar Panels are not as expensive as you might think!

3 – Solar Panels Can Power Air Con

Who doesn’t need air conditioning during the long, hot, Australian summers? Who doesn’t want a cheaper way to run them? Supplementing your regular energy supply with a few solar panels can lessen the cost of your air conditioning system because it will be consuming less from the system. Regular cleaning can also help keep air con costs low.

4 – Light your House Up

A typical, household-designed solar panel will produce about 260 watts. That’s enough to run all of the lights in your home, all day long. If that’s all you use a day in terms of energy, then you have a full day off your energy bill at the end of the year. Those are odds anyone can admire. It’s definitely worth it comparing your electricity provider plan with other providers especially if you are a Texas citizen to see which one offers the best Texas electricity rates so maybe you’ll change your mind once finding more affordable plans before you decide to install your solar panels because it’s well known that there could be a huge difference between electricity providers.

5 – Supply Your Neighbours!

Speculation has recently come on the News about who and what we can sell to our neighbours. One of the more interesting ways to earn extra income could feasibly be to trade that excess solar energy with your neighbours. This way, everyone could benefit from solar energy and contribute to lowering the carbon footprint of the whole country! In this way, everyone would win… whether or not energy companies will allow it remains to be seen.

Solar Energy has So Many Uses!

Solar energy can be used in any way you use regular electricity. It’s cleaner, more sustainable, and lasts just the same. Why not make the switch? It could be more profitable than you ever thought.

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