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“Fly With You” an experimental dance -pop track from Canadian poet/mind bender Lailien feat. vocalist Ruby Perl. Out now via his sophomore album, TA-DA!, “Fly With You” surpasses any expectations the listener might have for songs with the word ‘fly’ in its title. Lailien, the offbeat recording name of Toronto’s Brad Shubat, seals the gaps between pop/electro fusion and a bevy of remarkable tones and beats.

Lyrically, “Fly With You” provides the listener with ample avenues to explore. An intriguing voice sings “ I still believe in your eyes, I just don’t care what you’ve done in your life, baby, I’ll always be here by your side, don’t leave me waiting too long, please come by, I, I, I, I still believe in your eyes, there is no choice, I belong to your life, because I will live to love you someday, you’ll be my baby and we’ll fly away.” The chorus “and I’ll fly with you, I’ll fly with you, I’ll fly with you” sprouts end trails like a jet shooting in the sky. Vocally, the mood is almost angelic. Not hymnal, but very light and young sounding. The music bed is clouded in sometimes puffy airy drips and beats. The rhythm is sometimes choppy, a turbulence of clapping and clanging. At times the orchestration, an explosion of electronica is stop and go, fast and slow. Always moving, though, always seemingly giving the listener an excuse to move in some sort of fashion. Sometimes the movement feels vertical and at other times during “Fly With You” the motion is horizontal. Strangely enough, this song also feels like it’s at complete peace.

I didn’t feel dizzy. I felt completely immersed in a storyline of a couple that sees through the bullshit. They won’t put up with the lies and betrayals of the other person. They forgive, but they don’t forget the murky details and happenings. Something about the music bed in “Fly With You” feels optimistic and encouraging, but the electronic guitar changes up the tone when it wedges itself into the mix. I’m not sure of Lailien’s artistic intention in the lyrics, but I believe the music is grounded in a sense of confidence. Assurance that the person in your life has your back and will be there to co-pilot through thick and thin. When the word “eyes” pops up in the lyrics, I think, too, maybe the person singing sees themselves in the other person. Could it be a mirror? Could this singer be reminding themselves that life’s journey starts with loving oneself?

Great questions and a great chance to go back over and over to re-examine a song like “Fly With You”. I love that Lailien leaves the door open for interpretation in this sound cluster. Listeners that thrive listening to bands like Radiohead, dance tracks from Skrillex, pop tracks from Fitz And The Tantrums, The Residents and more will want to join the more than 17-thousand monthly Spotify listeners loving up Lailien. “Fly With You” defies logic and creates an incredible listening experience.

Kim Muncie

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