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The coronavirus pandemic laid waste to live events. Nearly everything got canceled or postponed as the world tried to defend itself against the global emergency. It’s been over a year since restrictions began to be implemented, and the virus is still going strong. Fortunately, better days do seem to be on the horizon.

In the United States, infection numbers have continued to drop over the past two months. Despite another wave seeming to hit the world as a whole, numbers across the globe are still much lower than they were at the start of the year, and the new wave is unlikely to reach the same heights as the last one. The development of effective vaccines seems to already be playing a role, and as more people get vaccinated, things should continue to improve.

While live events haven’t made much of a comeback yet, we can expect that they will at some point in the summer, as more people get vaccinated, temperatures rise, and infection rates continue to drop.

Unique Challenges Concerts Will Face

When live concerts do start up again, there will likely be many restrictions still in place at the start. Venues will not be operating at full capacity. Mask requirements will probably depend on where the event is held and what infection rates are looking like at the time. Concert organizers will have to follow some unique event planning tips to create an atmosphere with a real concert vibe while also keeping concertgoers and musicians safe.

For some people, many of these changes will be a welcome relief that they will hope to see more of even after the pandemic has fully passed. For those who don’t like being packed in like sardines, jostled around, and getting covered in other people’s sweat, it will be a nice change of pace. Plus, everyone will have plenty of space to dance to the music in their bubble.

Postponed Tours Will Be Rescheduled

Venues all over the world are likely to be booked every single night for quite a while. Usually, there are some artists touring one year, then other artists the next. Once concerts are fully allowed again, though, most everyone will be on the road. People who would have naturally taken a break in 2020 are likely to be back on the road, and artists who canceled shows last year will be rescheduling.

In addition to nearly every artist making the rounds, if venue capacities are limited, you will likely see artists due to multiple shows at each destination to make up for the fewer attendees per show.

Artists Have Been Locked Down Too

Even artists who might not have toured in 2020 or 2021 are likely to want to get back on the road. After all, these musicians have been dealing with the same lockdowns and restrictions as the rest of us and will likely want to get moving just like everybody else once they can.

Another effect of the lockdown on artists is that there is a ton of new music ready to be shared. Stuck at home with nothing else to do, many musicians have been writing a lot more new music than normal. For many musicians, the release of a new album is always accompanied by a promotional tour.

The pandemic has been very tragic, but if you are looking for a silver lining, the explosion of creativity and art is certainly one benefit. Of course, that probably doesn’t apply to every artist. Some creatives need to be out in the world in order to gather inspiration to create. While the pandemic has resulted in a boom of new material for many artists, it has probably stunted the creative flow of others.

When Will Shows Begin Again?

It is hard to give a good estimate on when people can expect to go see their favorite artists perform live again. There are too many variables at play. Places with lighter restrictions are likely to see shows begin sooner. However, since many of these places have higher infection rates, there are likely to be many musicians unwilling to play there.

Of course, the biggest factor is what happens with infection rates. The quicker they drop, and the more people get vaccinated, the sooner things will return to normal. While giving a precise timeline for the return of live shows is difficult, it is realistic to assume that in most places there will be live concerts at some point during the summer. What kind of restrictions will be in place for those events remains to be seen.

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