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Call It Arson – The Animal Strings Album / 2007 Kill Normal / 6 Tracks / /

Call It Arson is a band that has been together in some form since 1994, and while the band did not start to become a serious venture until a few years ago, the tempestuous type of indie meets rock music that starts out “The Animal Strings Album” shows that the band is extremely mature. Each of the tracks on this EP represent a considerable effort by the band. The tracks bounce back and forth between longer (4-6 minute) and shorter (2-3 minute) tracks, but all six of the cuts from this EP have a much longer perceived runtime due to the intricacies present in each track.

The band even shifts into a more hopeful brand of emo that touches upon acts like Bright Eyes and Brand New. The overall composition of this track has the instrumental intensity of a Desert City Soundtrack, and while the band flitters around with music that may not typically be played on a rock radio station, “Animal Strings” is a track that will definitely have a life well after Call It Arson backs things in. “Animal Strings” ends a few seconds before the five minute mark, and it provides individuals with what Call It Arson is and what they are ultimately capable of when they put all their meters to 100. It truly is a track for the ages, and putting it at the middle of the CD allows the act to go and work up and down from the song, rather than putting it first and not achieving the same level of glory again or putting it at the end and having half their audience never giving it the proper time.

The heavier movement that ends the track shows a gravity that gives itself over to brevity at points; the band’s use of chiaroscuro here is amazing. The very organic sound of the opening to “On The Run” shows a slightly different sound to Call It Arson, but is ultimately one that can be worked in to the band’s distinctive style. The confident arrangements that are present during the track are toned down as the vocals seem a little reluctant, but the resulting sound is still strong. This may only be an EP, but the twenty-four minutes of music on “The Animal Strings Album” lends itself well to repeat listening. The band is one that should be watched for the next year, as I could easily see them being the next Two Gallants.

Top Track: The Unmanagable Superstate

Rating: 7.2/10

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