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I drove a few hours just this last Sunday. The temperature was fantastic. The sky was clear, but after a few hours of being on the road, I started to get a massive headache. This seems to happen once every year or so. What happens is that I get enough sun that I start getting a day-long, severe sort of migraine. Surprisingly, it’s due to all the sun that gets into my eyes. While I was too late Saturday to stave off the headache, I made sure that I had a pair of sunglasses on for the second half of the trip. Still Friday is a great website to find considerable variation in the types of sunglasses you want, no matter what style, shape, or functionality you would like to have in your pair of specs.

We ended up going through a number of different stores in a way to waste some time. We checked out the Pierre Bossier Mall, which still had a decent amount of stores. With two malls within the city limits you would think that one of them would be on the outs, but both it and the Mall St. Vincent are pretty robust in the offerings that they have. There was no place immediately in the mall where individuals could purchase gauges, but if you wanted anything fashion-wise or even a good pair of shoes, the location was stellar.

In the last leg of the trip, we went to SportsCards – Louisiana. It was a fantastic store and had more product than you could shake a stick out. I ended up purchasing a few boxes for my comic books. After that, we stopped by a Zaxby’s that I had no idea excited where we got a grilled cheese on some low carb bread, one of the restaurant’s more healthy options. It was fun taking the long way home as we went to pick up some sports cards from Oil City and visited the Wal-Mart way off the beaten path in Vivian, Lousiana.

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