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Did you ever want to get some swords, self defense tools, or other fun little toys but did not have a Waterbeds & Stuff store around? I stumbled upon King of Swords a few nights ago, and found literally hundreds of dollars of stuff that I actually wanted. Essentially, what King of Swords is is one of those stores at the county fair, albeit expanded a hundredfold. If you want a sword, they’ve got hundreds of different type. Same thing with shields, other types of armor, lock picking set, brass knuckles, and the like. The website is done in a traditional, osCommerce type of way (with a number of different items per page), but I feel as if the site’s search could be boosted a little bit more. However, any form of content delivery when one has so many different items is going to be difficult to create in a successful way.

Another strong selling point for King of Swords over other similar stores and websites are the prices. The “special” section of the website literally has about 700 different items, all heavily discounted. At this current moment, for example, a ring blade from a Soul Caliber II character is discounted well over 35%, from $38 to $25. Even more impressive is the $100 taken off of the Spartan sword/shield combo, which makes a $249 tag into a much more affordable $149. Shipping is actually pretty cheap considering what many of the swords, shields, and metal objects weigh. If I ordered $100 of goods, which could easily be two long swords and a short sword/dagger, the cost for that shipped Fedex or USPS would only be around $16.

Simply put, for those fans of swords and of sharp things that could injure people, King of Swords is the site to check out. However, King of Swords has much much more in their inventory. You want hookahs and glass tobacco pipes, they have that. They also have dental tools, clothing, rings, and other jewelry. The website could be designed a little bit better, but if individuals are given an hour or so to traverse through the goods provided by King of Swords, they will undoubtedly find a number of things that they want. Here’s to hoping that the company has a long and successful future ahead of them. Some of the items may not be available in all states (such as the rubber shocking knuckles, which are beyond awesome), but the vast majority of items can be enjoyed by individuals from all 50 states.

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Author: James McQuiston

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