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The Leftovers have played with bands like The Queers and the Hard-Ons, and one can definitely hear the influence of the former during “On The Move”. The first track on the disc is “Run Real Fast”, and while it does have hints of Sum 41 and newer “punk” band, the same general Queers/Lillingtons/Darlington model is present when it comes to The Leftovers. The one thing that seems to distinguish the band from the rest of the pop-punk acts has to be their appreciation for a more sixties style. “Dance With Me” shows the same sun-drenched Beach Boys influence as the Ramones, as well as throwing in something somewhat surprising in an Elvis Costello influence. Obviously, the style of music that The Leftovers play is something that could easily be on independent radio stations.

It is true that the style of pop-punk that the band plays is something that is not appreciated much by the mTVs of the current period, but there is little doubt in my mind that The Leftovers will find their own audience easily. The band is smart in the sense that all of the tracks on “On The Move” stick within a very short set of runtimes. None of the disc’s 13 tracks break the three minute mark, and only one of the tracks even makes it to the two and a half minute mark. The vocals are the only thing that seem weak in the slightest; this is due to the fact that they are virtually the same whether it is during “She She She” or “Run Away”. If there was a little more in the way of variation, the album would definitely be on par with the Ramones discography.

As it is on the disc, The Leftovers are a solid pop-punk band that would have been on Lookout Records before that label started releasing experimental (Mary Timony) and more indie albums (Ted Leo). The fact that the vocals do have a slight variation over the rest of pop-punk bands will be their saving grace, even if they do not vary as much as they should during “On The Move”. The replay value of “On The Move” is high, and this is important considering the fact that the disc in toto is only twenty-eight minutes. Keep the band in your thoughts, as I have a feeling that their version of pop-punk music will break it big in a short while. They will be the next Mest, but actually talented.

Top Tracks: Gotta Go, Camel

Rating: 6.9/10


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