Assmen – Enema Nation [ADB]

Assmen – Enema Nation

11 songs released in 99 on dirty records. the lyrics are vile, and that is why the album is so awesome. you can hear the bass on the album, but they really kickass in the lyrics and guitar section. This album is all about sex, beer, and it is an awesome un-pc album. The Assmen cover “Happy together” and their version is a lot better then the original. Hehehe, there is a song about blowjobs on this disc (Hot pearl necklace) The pontential for moshing at an Assmen show is great , because this is good moshing music. An awesome punk band that has talent that they exploit to kick some royal ass. The are good enough to be signed by a major label. This really blows out nice guy pop punk. You can reach dirty records at or the assmen at or The Assmen, 2914 Ash St, Erie PA, 16504. They also have an excellent song about misplaced nuts. All of the album is awesome


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