Glitch-Hop Pioneer, edIT, Set To Drop Certified Air Raid Material

Highly anticipated sophomore release in stores 10.9.2007. “Battling/Crunk DeGaulle” digital single available now.”A love of hip-hop and a desire to create what I hear to be hip-hop in the future. A fusion of complex cutup edits and rhythms mixed with catchy aggressive dancefloor hip-hop… We are just trying to make the music that we want to hear because no one else has made it for us.”

Enter the world of edIT: Born and bred in Weston, Massachussetts, Edward Ma, he began his music career as “The Con Artist” just before the turn of the millennium. As a resident DJ at the now defunct Konkrete Jungle, that club night marked the golden age of indie hip-hop in Los Angeles, and was the bridge between the jungle and b-boy massives. During this time, he was also one of the very first Dublab Radio DJs and broadcasted two weekly shows from the legendary Melrose Avenue studio. Far ahead of its time, Dublab operated as an internet radio station and served as a unifying force for the melting pot of L.A.’s intellectual DJ culture. During this musical renaissance, edIT used “The Con Artist” name to produce and engineer for the likes of Sole (Anticon), Busdriver (Epitaph), Aloe Blacc (Stones Throw), Emanon (Shaman Work), and Dr. Oop (Black Love).

It was 2003 when “The Con-Artist” adopted the edIT moniker, while finishing his debut solo album Crying Over Pros for No Reason. The album was released by µ-Ziq’s Planet-Mu imprint a year later in 2004. The album was a downtempo love-maker’s epic about opportunities lost. Shortly thereafter, he shifted gears towards the dance floor and remixed Daedelus’ “Dumbfound” for Plug Research, which became a party rockin’ classic, and further established edIT as a force to be reckoned with in the IDM and electronic worlds.

Next, edIT’s focus turned towards original productions and his highly anticipated sophomore album Certified Air Raid Material. Being released on October 9, 2007 (digitally available Sept 19) by L.A.’s most daring indie label Alpha Pup, the album has been a long four years in the making, featuring collaborations with close allies such as The Grouch, Busdriver, TTC, Abstract Rude and D-Styles. Suffice to say, Certified Air Raid Material is a dramatic departure from the melancholy downtempo sounds of Crying Over Pros for No Reason. Upbeat, energetic and impossibly complex, Certified Air Raid Material has certainly raised the bar for state-of-the-art electronic music production, resulting in a soulful and futuristic style of dance music that is incomparable to much else.

Although the fun-loving nature of the music is evident, it also delivers a deeper message of peace and unity. According to edIT, “The idea behind the name ‘Certified Air Raid Material’ has often been misunderstood with violent connotations and negative undertones. Though the sound of this album is aggressive, raw and in-your-face, I am trying to use this album as a mirror to present state of affairs in our world. With this album I am trying to show that we have no more needs for bombs, violence, fear and negativity. Alternatively, this album can be viewed as a soundtrack for us to release all of those aggressions on the dancefloor. In a time when the world is falling apart slowly at the seams, it is most important to realize there is always hope. And through the universal language of music we can unify so that we can elevate.”

During the four years edIT spent making Certified Air Raid Material, a strange series of situations and opportunities arose. “At one point, ‘Battling Go-Go Yubari in Downtown L.A.’ was being pitched by a friend of mine to Christina Aguilera. Their camp came back and said that this track was the heat but it sounded too much like Britney Spears. Go figure.”

Part of edIT’s popular music sensibility can be directly linked to his day job composing ad music and jingles. He has scored countless commercials for high-profile clients like Scion, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz and Calvin Klein. edIT also stays busy rocking crowds across the globe with The Glitch Mob, a Burning Man-inspired DJ supergroup. In the future, be on the look out for Glitch Mob Unlimited, their new digital imprint distributed by Alpha Pup Records.

When not busy slaying dance floors, edIT enjoys life’s simple pleasures: healthy eating, camping, exercising and spending quality time with his girlfriend and killer Chihuahua Ichi.

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