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Selfmadegod Records out of Poland proudly announce the first ever compilation CD to be released by the label. Licensed from Hirax’ own Black Devil Records “Thrash Metal Warriors” is a groundbreaking thrash metal compilation with rare and unreleased tracks from eight worldwide bands. The disc includes both legendary acts such as Hirax (USA), Kat (Poland), Sabbat (Japan) as well as terrific entrants of the genre: Toxic Holocaust (USA), Slaver (Brazil), Strike Master (Mexico), Execution (USA), Hatchet (USA). Approximately a half an hour of sincere, raw and to-the-point thrash; in a day and age when heavy music has been watered down this disc is a true testament to true, untamed and uncompromising metal.

The release date is scheduled for late September 2007.

1. Hirax (USA) “Chaos and Brutality”
2. Toxic Holocaust (USA) “All In The Name of Science”
3. Sabbat (Japan) “Samurai Zombies”

4. Kat (Poland) “Puppets On The Strings”

5. Slaver (Brazil) “Nuclear Attack”
6. Strike Master (Mexico) “Up for the Massacre”

7. Execution (USA “Dismantle the Cross”

8. Hatchet (USA) “Storm the Gates”


The newest, second full album of Poland’s Third Degree entitled “Punk Sugar” has been finally completed. Week-long session took place in Studio X (Olsztyn, Poland) late March/early April 2007. Final mixes has been done by the band’s guitarist Szymon Czech (Nyia, Third Degree, Antigama). The album consists of 12 songs more into early TD material with a hint of complex, slow songs known from “Outstay” album.

The bassist Fazi comments: “Punk Sugar” is actually a product of our earlier work, it’s more old school and includes Czarny on vocals, our old singer. We are pretty satisfied with final result. Let’s hope the fans will enjoy it the way we do.

Punk Sugar is slated for Autumn 2007 release via Selfmadegod Records.

The tracklisting for the album will be:

1. From Simple Punks
2. Millennium Of Recycling Christ
3. Twelve Millions
4. Where Is The Consumation?
5. Thoughts
6. Dead Will
7. So Long Bastards
8. Punk Sugar
9. Surrounded By Victims
10 ….And Now Something Completely Different
11. Manipulation
12. Pathic

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