Underoath Headlines National Tour, Release “777”

Following a successful run of high profile shows in the U.S.–as a main stage headlining act on this year’s Vans Warped Tour–as well as overseas, UNDEROATH have extended their fall headlining run through November.The trek will take the band through 37 cities, kicking off September 22 in Houston. High profile stops include The Wiltern in Los Angeles on Friday, October 5 and the Nokia Theatre-Times Square in New York City on Wednesday, October 24.

Renowned for their experimental and frenzied live performances, the critically acclaimed sextet–lead vocalist SPENCER CHAMBERLAIN, guitarist TIM MCTAGUE, bassist GRANT BRANDELL, drummer AARON GILLESPIE, keyboardist CHRISTOPHER DUDLEY and guitarist JAMES SMITH–will bring a unique stage and lighting set up for a one-time-only concert experience highlighting the group’s juggernaut gold-certified third album DEFINE THE GREAT LINE (Tooth & Nail/Solid State). The fall trek will be filmed for a live concert and documentary DVD, release date is tbd.

UNDEROATH’s powerful live show was hailed by the Providence Journal on their Vans Warped Tour run:

“Underoath were the headliners-a Florida-based metalcore band with punishing bass and drums, crunching guitar, occasional odd keyboard whooshes and a horror-movie tinge to singer Spencer Chamberlain’s delivery that all give the religious themes of the lyrics universal appeal.” (Providence, RI–August 10, 2007)

The group continues to evolve with a wave of recognition for their progressive sounds coupled with soon-to-be legendary performances:

“[The Define The Great Line disc] proved to be one of the most innovative and wrenching in recent heavy music history. The eleven tracks boast the chug-chug of darker strains of hardcore, the screeching riffs of classic metal, and jarring passages of expansive ambient. The rhythm section is wildly propulsive, but the mix also includes the skittering, burbling synth fills of keyboardist Christopher Dudley. Then there are Chamberlain’s vocals, both jarring and nuanced. He’s a striking physical presence, as well–slight, with shoulder-length dark hair and a patchwork of impressionistic tattoos. He could be Anthony Kiedis’s underfed kid brother. Which is why the howling modulations he coaxes from his voice box are so startling. Chamberlain can deliver a piercing peal of notes, then suddenly shift gears to a bottom-of-the-belly growl that induces goosebumps. “

–Arielle Castillo, MIAMI NEW TIMES (Miami, FL, 3/15/07)

“The trials and tribulations of Underoath have been many…But these have only galvanized the remaining members, and contributed to their development as one of the most dynamic hardcore bands. The fact that they’re part of the Christian metal scene is beside the point–these guys deal in progressive cathartics that place faith as but one (albeit the most important) dimension.”

–T.E. Lyons, LEO WEEKLY (Louisville, KY, 5/17/07)

”The sextet had a level of energy onstage that would go unmatched the rest of the night as they blazed through hits like ‘In Regards to Myself,’ ‘Writing on the Walls’ and ‘A Moment Suspended in Time.’ Those tracks helped their most recent [Define The Great Line] album sell more than half a million copies.
Front man Spencer Chamberlain and drummer/vocalist Aaron Gillespie took turns firing off vocals while the trio of guitars battled it out. But nobody was as crazy as keyboardist Chris Dudley. Even in the parts of the songs that didn’t involve his instrument, Dudley engaged with the crowd and danced like he was engulfed in flames.”

–Matt Wilkinson, DAILY 49er (Long Beach, CA–Cal State Long Beach, 3/22/07)

“Considering the sound–hardcore metal smelted down with the soaring melodies of emo–one might argue that Underoath wants to put some of the fear of God back into faith. Anyone who’s seen, say, the Reaper’s tomb inside St. Peter’s Basilica or the frowning-down popes of Siena’s Duomo will have no trouble understanding hellfire-and-brimstone metal as an analogue to those artifacts. Both are meant to project beauty and terror. And there’s no reason a Christian metal show can’t be enjoyed like any metal show–as high-wattage, cathartic fun.”

–Sean Piccoli, SUN SENTINEL (Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 5/18/07)

“[Define the Great Line] added melody and more dynamics without sacrificing the intensity of the sextet’s metal-hardcore hybrid. Nothing, however, compares to the band’s writhing live performances.”

–METRO TIMES (Detroit, MI, 3/2/07)

“a heady blast of Radiohead-damaged screamo jams.”

–CITY PAGES (Minneapolis, MN, 3/4/07)

“…when all six members of Underoath cranked up the loud last night, I was unexpectedly moved. Officially, half of Underoath are singers, but twiggy frontman Spencer Chamberlain does the most wailing. And somehow, even when his screams are garbled, whatever pain, frustration or hope (‘pull yourself together, man’) that he’s communicating comes out true. This is a rare thing in a genre full of aggressive emotion that too easily turns cliché. Sonically, Underoath’s music is about as grind heavy as it gets, except when Gillespie chimes in from behind his drumkit with a particularly melodic chorus. Chris Dudley’s keyboard work aids in the accessibility factor. But even when the songs last night were chaotic, there seemed to be something unseen that the musicians–and capacity crowd–held onto.”

–Crystal Wiebe, THE PITCH (Kansas City, MO, 3/10/07)

“The majority of the kids in the crowd were incredibly excited to see them [Underoath]. It was all for good reason—the band have really mastered their live stage presence and know how to make a deep, strong impact on the crowd. They played a wide span of songs spanning their new album and a couple from their old (though no “Reinventing Your Exit”) and were loud, energetic, and noisy. Once again, Underoath have proven to me that they are one of the tightest, vigorous rock bands in the scene, and I can only hope they will continue to see the success a genuine band deserves. They alone were worth coming to the show for.”

–Andrew Martin, EMOTIONALPUNK.COM (6/07)

“Next up was the strongest act of the night, Underoath. Playing a set that was surgically precise in nature, Underoath walked a fine line between well-trod tracks off 2004’s They’re Only Chasing Safety and their newer, more atmospheric material on new LP Define the Great Line. Expansive and stark, the newer songs show a maturity well beyond most of Underoath’s peers.“

–Mark Hensch, ANTIMUSIC.COM (6/07)

“…rip-snorting, power-chord-chugging Christian metalcore.”

–CLEVELAND FREE TIMES (Cleveland, OH, 8/1/07)

“…hard rock has given way to blends of emo, hardcore and metal, opening the door for a melodic metalcore band such as Underoath to seize the stage. Its incendiary live show probably makes a difference. And while you might be surprised to discover a keyboardist in a hardcore act, doubts dissipate watching Dudley bang his blond locks and pound the keys…”

Chris Parker, CREATIVE LOAFING (Atlanta, GA)

UNDEROATH’s video for their new single “A Moment Suspended In Time”– lensed by the avant-garde Swedish production team Popcore–will officially debut today Monday, September 10 on both “Ovenfresh” and “Steven’s Untitled Rock Show” on Fuse.

In other news, the FL-based sextet’s first-ever DVD 777 has already moved over 20,000 copies so far in it’s first month of release. Revolver magazine heralded in a **** star review, ”The jam packed disc includes on and off stage clips from Warped Tour, Taste of Chaos, Bamboozle, several world tours, home videos and the band’s 06 ‘MySpace Secret Show.’ While you won’t find any scenes of drunken debauchery, this widescreen view of the band does prove that good clean fun can, indeed, be just that: fun.” While Alternative Press hailed the disc as essential for hardcore fans and newcomers alike, “This DVD chronicling the band’s tours over the past two years isn’t just fun to watch-it’s essentially a virtual ‘talk to the hand’ in the face of your poseur neighbor.”

Check out UNDEROATH on their headlining North American tour:






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