Buckwild – Full Metal Overdrive [ADB]

 This album is an awesome example of amazing guitar work. The band features Dave Hanacek on Guitar, and ex- Lagwagon guitarist Shawn Dewey on Vox. Filling out the ranks are Brian Flennijen on Drums, and Thom Richards on bass. The band started about 3 years ago in a small town called Goleta. This album is their sophomore effort, and it sounds greats. It has typical above average punk bass and drums, but the best part of the band is the vocals and guitars. This album is still great even though it has ukekule songs in it (2 in fact) The disk is just a plain good old listen, and the cover has the band dressed up like an 80`s hair rock band. There are two secret songs on the disk, one being “You belong to me”, the horn player (Keith Caddle) being credited without the song being on the play list, and another song with all the vocals reversed.This album can be found on Lobster Records.


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