Complier – Bleeding Musiz [ADB]

Complier-Bleeding Musiz
This was self released in 1999 with 12 songs. This is one of the definatly hardest types of music to put a genre with .As his name implies, Compiler compiles his tracks with use of media altering software and drum machines. Some of his weapons are Cool Edit Pro, Audioforge, Cakewalk, and Hammerhead. These excellent programs, along with a serious demented mind, make a hell of a good album. Compiler is one of the originators of the Lancaster noise genre, which also includes artists such as Drakuldub, who will be released an album before the end of the year on ADB records. Compiler personifies the movement of pop art to a new medium, being that of computers. The unfortunate thing is that the album is very short, but it is hard to make such good music last. The remix of ” Mr Sandman” is one of the highlight of the disc. Tempo changes and the pitch are just a few of the things that will surprise and shock the listener. The songs are very short, ranging around a minute a piece. Watch for the second album by this wunderkind.

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