For those individuals that know me, I have to wear glasses. I’ve never gotten anything in the way of contacts because my eyes are incredibly sensitive, and during those moments when I feel that I do not look with glasses, I consider Lasik surgery. The only thing that I am worried about with Lasik surgery is the possibility of having macular degeneration (I think I’ve heard that it is a side effect of having the surgery, even though there has not really been a long enough period between the beginning of the procedure and the onset of events after the surgery). Some of the advertisements that I have found have been a little scary, essentially being an individual doing Lasik surgery in a converted store in a mall or some other less than sanitary place. That is why there are websites like ; this website gives individuals information about the Lasik procedure, what doctors are the best at doing it, and how much an individual should look to spend on a procedure of that severity. However, Docshop is not only limited to information about the Lasik procedure; essentially, any type of major surgery has a listing on the Docshop websites. This means that there are listings for bariatric, cosmetic, dentists, and other types of surgeons. The website provides tons of information and caters itself to whatever information that you put in. For example, if I was looking to try to get a Lasik surgery done in Kent, there would be information about all the places within a certain distance that provide the service, contact information, and in some places, some sort of other information related to that. The website looks current and is tremendously easy to use, even for individuals that may not be really familiar with how to navigate a website or with computers more generally. The website has a low scroll quotient, which means that individuals should be able to find all that they could conceivably ever want to find within the first screen of information. There is little in the way of things that the website still needs to change, so that means I will be likely to hit up the site whenever my health gets so bad that I need to find some sort of doctor. Here is to hoping that you do the same thing and use this solid resource. Give it a go.

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Author: James McQuiston

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