Dropkick Murphys – Boys on the Beach [ADB]

6 songs on cyclone in 1997.Really good Rancid knockoff band with the same audible bass, vocal delivery and lyric style. This is less pop punk then rancid is , and as a result they sound better. Much better and more full of energy then rancid. They are old school mixed with oi with working class politics. 4 piece band that sounds polished and nsync. Great guitar riffs mix with scorching bass lines. They also have choruses with more then 1 singer, which always kicks ass. Defiantly a band that should kick some major ass live. A great band that is a nice change from the legions of pop punk bands that are stinking up the airwaves. They even do the cheesy openings well. They write really good chorus and make it really easy to mosh during their shows because the music rocks balls out. DM is melodic while being jackasses and rage insanely. They hate europop music too

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Author: James McQuiston

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