Fugazi – 88/89 Bootleg and Steady Diet of Nothing [ADB]

I notice about this tape is that the sound is abnormally clear for being a bootleg. Really good old school punk with great riffs, clear vocals, and awesome drumming. The voice of the vocalist is awesomely strange. Fugazi makes me want to mosh, because they are so awesome, even on a bootleg. Fugazi is evidently also a very political band which always makes the songs a lot better. It gives it substance. They can also successfully mix psychedelia and punk and have it work. Fugazi is one of the best punk bands that i have ever heard. Music that will never grow old and those politics will never die. i recommend that all people buy at least one of their albums. This is what all punk music should try to revere not shit like green day or blink. This is the best $5 i have ever spent

Steady Diet Of Nothing

This was released in 1991 on Dischord Records, and it contains 11 songs. The CD opens with a killer guitar solo. The first track (Exit Only) has many good riffs and awesome delivery of the lyrics. Their are a few slower, more experimental songs on this disc, and all of them have faster, more punky parts, with killer bass playing and guitar work as well. As the CD spins on, there are some faster tempoed songs. They could out write and outplay any of the punk bands out there today. The guitar playing is odd on “Latin Roots”:killer but sounding stilted and not really fitting right. Their guitar solos at the beginning of the songs show extreme talent on the part of the guitar player, even when they go off into instrumental songs. Steady Diet of Nothing plays good as singles or as a whole album.

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