Hilljack – S/T [ADB]

Please notice that this band is regrettably no longer together, as they were great. What can I say about this band? This album is great. Good sounding vocals, and 70-s style guitar blend together in a formula that sounds like Ted Nugent meets Pantera. This album also includes a Motorhead cover: “Out of the Son” . This album also includes 3 songs in a row just about drinking “Too Damn Sober” “Just an Alcoholic” and “I`ll drink to that”. All three of these songs remind me of “I drink alone” by Rick Derringer.The best song on the album is “Just an Alcoholic”,since it has this weird almost-funk guitar line. I was so bummed when I learned that these guys had broke up, because I am assuming that they would have had a hell of a live show. I give this album a 9 of 10. If you can still find these album and you want a interesting listen, go ahead and buy this. This album was out on Standing Suitcase Records. You can get ahold of the label by writing to P.O Box 14381, Columbus OH 43214. Next time you are going out to get drunk, give a toast to the memory of Hilljack.

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Author: James McQuiston

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