Insyderz – Fight of My Life [ADB]

This album has 11 songs, and it was released in 1998 on KMG Records. This is Christian Ska, with six members in the band. “Jigsaw” , The opening track has a really good sound, being a pseudo-ska ballad. They can be reached at or emailed at “What happened to Joe” is a Ska/Punk speed song. “Paradise” is an extremely tame, slower, and more reggaeish song. It is pretty boring. “The Hunted” is an extremely good Rap/Metal/Ska song if you ignore the subtle mentions about hell and satan. The rapping in this songs is great also. “Game Day” is another slower ska song, but it is not as bad as “Paradise”, because it has a speedy chorus.”Forgive and Forget” is a sappy estrangement song, and it has a varying tempo. Trinidad is instrumental. “Rat Race” is a great song with good, clean, and fast deliver and a catchy set of lyrics. It is about the real world, and not wanting to be caught up in it. They cover” Kust what i needed” by Ric Ocasek, and it is a good pop-ska version of the original. “Fight of my life” seems to have 2 meanings – fighting for Jesus and a normal fight song.

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