Me First – Teenage Flatsy [ADB]

This 5 song EP was released on Broken Rekids. I paid $2 for this slab of plastic. Me First is another band with the older punk/rock feel, sounding like The Donnas, the Runaways, and Joan Jett. They have very classical (read:70’s) guitar riffs, and a shitload of distortion. Mr First is also another all female punk band. Me First’s vocals are rough and deep, which just adds to the 70’s feel. “Drunk and Walking Home” actually adds a pseudo-hippie chic vocal, being free of throatiness or distortion. “Imaginary Boyfriend” is psychedelic punk at its best, with an odd amalgam of psychedelic and 70’s punk guitars. And speaking of the guitars, the guitarist and bassist for Me First really can play, producing some sweet riffage. They bring up an comparison to the Slits because they experiment with all sorts of music, including girl-groups 60;s bubblegum, acid rock, and punk. Another great album by an all-female group

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