Metal Mind Productions Re-Release Violent Force’s Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow

Metal Mind Productions will release a remastered edition of one of most intriguing thrash albums: “Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow” by Violent Force. It’s a first class thrash experience, with insanely fast guitars and aggressive, energetic vocals – a reminder of the group’s undying legacy. “Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow” includes true metal masterpieces: “Soulbursting”, “Vengeance and Venom” and “Sign of Evil”. This classic material from Roadrunner Records archives will be released on 15th October 2007 / 5th November 2007 in USA (via MVD) in a new digipak edition, limited to numerated 2000 copies. Digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on golden disc.

Violent Force
“Malevolent Assault Of Tomorrow” (remastered)
Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MASS CD 1023 DG
Barcode: 5907785030909
Format: CD Digipak (limited edition of 2000 numerated copies)
Genre: thrash metal
Release date: 15.10.2007 Europe / 05.11.2007 USA


1. Dead City
2. Soulbursting
3. Vengeance And Venom
4. M.A.O.T
5. What About The Time After?
6. Sign Of Evil
7. Violent Force
8. The Night
9. Destructed Life
10. S.D.I.

Violent Force emerged on the metal scene in 1984, joining a strong fraction of German thrash metal bands. Their rather short career was crowned with one of the most intriguing thrash albums ever released – “Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow”. Although the band broke up in 1989, after 18 years Violent Force still has a steady fan base and the reputation of a German thrash legend. This reissue is a reminder of the group’s undying legacy. Violent Force was founded by four young musicians: Lemmy (vocals/guitar), Stachel (guitar), Waldi (bass) and Atomic Steif (drums). Before recording their debut LP, the group released two demos in 1985 – “Dead City Demo’85” (also known as “Dead City 1”) in February and “Velbert Dead City” (“Dead City 2”) in May. A year later another demo emerged – “Dead City – The Night” (“Dead City 3”). After those three releases, one of Violent Force’s tracks was added to Rock Hard’s “Teutonic Invasion” sampler. The promotion turned out to be a great success – soon the band received over ten proposals from various record labels for the recording of their debut album. Eventually they went with Roadrunner Records’ offer and begun working on “Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow”. Before entering the studio a small change in the line-up occurred – drummer Atomic Steif was replaced by Jürgen “Hille” Hillebrand. Steif, however, had his part in the recording process after all. As Hille recalled later on in an interview for the Voices From the Dark Side webzine: “I wasn’t able to record the complete drum tracks yet, so Atomic Steif helped me out on three of the songs. I really liked that, as he used to be one of the original Violent Force members.” Finally, the finished record was released by Roadrunner in 1987. Containing nine songs and one instrumental track (“What About the Time After?”), “Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow” proved to be a first class thrash experience, with insanely fast guitars and aggressive, energetic vocals all throughout the album. The LP begins with “Dead City”, a track that bears the strongest resemblance to Motörhead’s style. The following tracks, while not particularly ground-braking, deliver a strong, Kreator-influenced mixture of prime thrash elements, conjoining in one intense explosion of speed and aggression. Thanks to the acclaimed producer, Kalle Trapp (Blind Guardian, Assassin, Destruction), the quality of music on “Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow” perfectly mirrors the spirit of the 80’s thrash scene, with tracks such as “Soulbursting”, “Vengeance and Venom” and “Sign of Evil” being true metal masterpieces. Violent Force was well known in its local area and played alongside several bands, including top German thrash metal acts. Hille: “The bands in our area all got along great with each other. We had a really god relationship with Living Death, Kreator, Deathrow, Assassin, Sodom and many more. We always invited each other when we played gigs. (…) This way all bands benefited from each other and got lots of playing possibilities.” Unfortunately, despite the group’s strong position on the scene, certain circumstances caused Violent Force’s disband in 1989. Just before calling it quits, however, the band (limited to founder Lemmy and original drummer Atomic Seif, who in his whole career played with a great number of thrash acts, including Sodom, Living Death, Holy Moses and Sacred Chao, where Lemmy performed as a bassist) recorded a whole follow-up album, which to this day remains unreleased. Still, Violent Force has not been forgotten by the fans. As Hille admits: “We used to have a really big fanbase worldwide. A very god proof for that is the massive amount of e-mails that I receive since the origin of the official Violent Force website in 2003… from Chile, Brazil, Poland, Australia etc. (…) I still ask myself where all those people in Brazil or Australia got our demos from.” This reissue is a great opportunity to remind thrash metal enthusiasts of one of the most underestimated German acts – just play “Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow” to feel the true spirit of 80’s thrash madness!

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