Mortiis – FØdt til Ã… herske [ADB]

This album was made by a band members of emperor, one of the most internationally famous black metal bands. Their albums can be found on Century Black, which is a imprint of Century Media records. FØdt til Ã… herske is on Dark Dungeon Music, and it consists of two songs. The original pressing of the album was on Malicious Records. The whole album is a great work of slow instrumental music. This is not grating at all, just an atmospheric compilation, and it is so amazing. Very good music to zone out to. When i listened to this records i actually envisioned medieval times. I got this album for free from Magnolia Thunderpussy in Columbus, and i still don’t know why. You can reach Dark Dungeon Music at Dark Dungeon Music, Box 166155, Chicago, IL 60616. Or at

Rating- 8/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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