Project Jenny, Project Jan continue to tour with Brit faves Fujiya + Miyagi

NY Times: “snappy electro folks…considers karaoke one of their inspirations”
All Music Guide: “the albums so diverse that project never revisit a genre twice”
CMJ: “one of the most entertaining live acts I’ve seen to date”
Gothamist: “This is a band that should be taken seriously, even while singing about homemade sex tapes and the Chinatown bus.”
The Deli: “genre poppin”
Cool Hunting: “irresistibly danceable and always bring the party”
Billboard: “shockingly dynamic, danceable and hilarious affair”
Popmatters: “more pop music sound be this fun”
MSN: ‘almost too much fun in one album”

Project Jenny, Project Jan are pushing the boundaries of modern music while bringing along an ass shakin’ finger snapping party. PJPJ’s signature sound- Sammy Rubin’s jaunty electro-pop hooks fueled by saucy freestyled vocals from Jeremy Haines— is infectious without being predictable. And on this album, you will hear shades of every genre, from Latin, old school hip-hop, and reggae, to blues, rock, old time rags, and 80s electro. Some songs even brush up charmingly against bluegrass, big band, and swing, resulting in a sound that is fiercely, uniquely their own.

Listen to Project Jenny, Project Jan when you:
…are getting ready for work
…are working out
…are going running
…want to dance
…need to smile
…run out of coffee and need a jolt
…wake up Monday morning
…are gussying up for a night out
…can’t find the energy to finish your late night shift
…need to liven up the party

The album kicks off with trumpets and trombones; flutes and drums on “Dia de los Ninos,” and despite (or because of) the drum machine, you’ll find yourself dancing salsa. Then, out of nowhere, the wily blues guitar intro into “Summertime” conjures images of lemonade and sweat; the manic banjo on the addictive “ZooBar” summons an ecstatic grin, albeit a crooked, haggle-toothed one. You’ll find it hard to believe two guys from Brooklyn made this.

So can you call Project Jenny, Project Jan post-indie-pop electro-core? Sure, if you insist on categorizing. The bottom line is that this is smart, energetic dance music for a new generation of listeners—the kind of people who’d rather shake it on the dance floor than puzzle over sub-genres. XOXOXOXOXO is a distinctive album of songs that dare you to sit still, so consider yourself forewarned: You will lose this dare.

10.18.07 @ Hiro Ballroom (AM Only / GBH CMJ Showcase) – New York, NY
10.20.07 @ Trash Bar (CMJ Showcase) – Brooklyn, NY
10.25.07 @ Union Pool – Brooklyn, NY
11.17.07 @ Abrons Art Center (Crown Point Festival) – New York, NY
* w/ Fujiya And Miyagi

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