Soular System – Big Bang

Soular System – Big Bang / 2007 Self / 16 Tracks /

Soular System consists of individuals that have been around the music industry for a number of years. Different members of the band have played with or have otherwise been involved with acts as large as Meatloaf, Pete Seeger, Vox Populi, and Sly and the Family Stone. “Big Bang” is a track that shows that Soular System are big fans of Rush and The Ramones. The vocals do have hints of a Tom Petty in them, but these three different influences combine to give Soular System a sound that is unique to the band.

The drums step up considerably during this track, moving beyond the constraints of the pop-punk style and doing interesting fills and other techniques to further differentiate this track from anything else that has been created in the past. Regardless, Soular System could not do any better for themselves in opening this EP. “Keep Walking” has another interesting agglomeration of styles, blending a post-grunge set of guitars with vocals that are influenced by Ace Frehley. The precision of the drums during this track give the track an intensity that is not matched anywhere else on the disc. “Keep Walking” is Soular System’s first big hit, and will be a track that individuals remember for a long period of time. The guitar solo that is present at points during “Keep Walking” provides the icing on what is already an adorned cake.

“Spinning My Wheels” is a 360 for Soular System; where the beginning of the track would indicate that the members of the band are fans of “Synchronicity”-era Police, the instrumental interlude before the chorus seems to show that the band are more fans of the original reggae acts that influenced The Police during that period. “If At 1st U Don’t Succeed” brings the back to the more hair metal style of a “Keep Walking”, with influences present of “Alone Again”-era Dokken and later-era Warrant. The result is yet another successful track for Soular System. This EP is one of the most confident and energetic statements that I have ever heard from a band just releasing for the first time. Check Soular System out if you have any love for the rock genre, or of bands that like to experiment. “Big Bang” may only have six tracks, but individuals can place this disc in their changer and not have to remove it for months afterward.

Top Track: Keep Walking

Rating: 7.8/10

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