V/A – Kyan Sampler [ADB]

Oooh, another compilation. For those that do not know, compilations are CDs with a lot of bands that are really cheap, for those punks that don’t have the money. How considerate. That shows that all record labels aren’t stuffed suit bastards trying to gain a buck. Well, enough with the personal commentary. This album is from Kyan Records, and it features the 2 bands on the record label, and 8 other ones. There are 3 forms of “dark” music on this CD. One is the female/male goth band. Another is the Tori Amos sounding female fronted goth, which explains itself , and the last type is Portishead-vocal goth. This is also female fronted goth with the voices sounding like the lead female vocal from Portishead. This album gets a 8/10 (http://www.kyan.com)

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Author: James McQuiston

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