7 Seconds – Soulforce Revolution [ADB]

This has 11 songs, and it was made in 1989 on Restless Records. It cost me $7 in trade. While MDC was original and long lasting, this 7 seconds disc isn’t. The title track “Satyagratia” is a indy rock song in the vain of REM, which is not what 7 seconds is about. The songs aren’t that bad, but when i bought the album, i had expected a different sound. The songs also seem to run together, with only minor changes like drum beats and tempo between songs. Lint makes a guest appearance on Satragratia. As the disc goes on, the tempo speeds up, and makes 7 seconds into Emo/Pseudo-hair band. As an album , this is pretty decent,, with good guitar riffs and bass lines, but as a 7 seconds release it just doesn’t work for me. The emo/hair thing is ahead of its time, and should have been released in 1994 instead of 1989. The songs are such that they are catchy, and well written. Punks looking for just punk music should pick another 7 seconds album, but others should listen to this disc.

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Author: James McQuiston

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