Jann Klose – Beautiful Dream B/W Hold Me Down

Jann Klose – Beautiful Dream B/W Hold Me Down / 2007 Jann Klose / 2 Tracks / http://www.jannklose.com /

Jann Klose plays an emotional brand of rock on this single that does not have a specific referent in regards to influences or styles approached. The soft style of “Beautiful Dream” will undoubtedly get individuals to focus on what Klose does and compare eir to individuals like Dave Matthews and John Maher. There is not much in the way of new ground broken but Klose’s major victory here has to be the richness of the composition during “Beautiful Dream”.  There are arrangements present that make this track feel much more lengthy than the four minutes the track runs. The second track on the sing is “Hold Me Down”, and continues with the soulful sound of Klose’s vocals. There is a decidedly more reggae-heavy sound during the instrumentation of this track than “Beautiful Dream”, but the strength of this track is in the common threads that are cultivated during the song. The two tracks provide such a cohesive sound that individuals can get a good idea how a full length album by Klose would sound. One should keep an ear to the ground for this new album, if you like the sound of any of the acts previously mentioned. Check it out.

Top Track: Beautiful Dream

Rating: 6.4/10

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