Mr. Tornado Head – Stays Crunchy In Milk / Tastes Like Chicken [ADB]

As with Johnson,i seen mr.tORNaDo heAd live at a concert and proceeded to pick up Stays Crunchy in Milk! and Tastes Like Chicken.The only bad think about either of the tapes is the recording on the copy I got of Tastes like Chicken.Its kinda hard to hear,but you still can.My favorite song by these guys is Norman the rock and roll pony,but i like a all of their songs.For Stays Crunchy in Milk! i give an 7.5 out of 10,and for Tastes like Chicken a 7.

This album is called Satan takes a holiday at Heritage, USA . It is MTH’s new live album, with cuts from their new album, tenitively called rip roaring big fun.This was the show that MTH played on Feb 17 1999, in Little brothers. They can be called at 888 696 8860 or checked out on the web at Shitty recording but it is still listenable. The words can barlely be heard at all. From what I can hear, this is a better MTH then was at the one show I was at or at the concert i seen them at . In August they will be playing at Desert Rose out on West Fair with Dutch Uncle and Pawn to fight Muscular Dystrophy. For all of you that don’t know, MTH is a goof indy rock band in the vein of Primus, They Might Be Giants, and the Butthole Surfers. Anthony (From Pawn) is Drummer for them now. They have had 3 drummers on 3 tapes. They sound more professionally and tuned up then when i seen them .Lots of instrumental stuff is on tis tape. They have Norman the rock and roll pony on here backwards. They also have like a few minutes of a movie being played on their.

Track Listings

Stays Crunchy in Milk:

Side B:
1)Norman the Rock&Roll Pony
2)Just Can`t Seem to Get the Blues

Side 2:
1)Duck Killer (Live)
2)Norman (Live)

Tastes Like Chicken:

Side 1:
1)So What
2)Krypton Krawl
3)Shaggy Potato
4)Duck Killer

Side 2:
Dunno its not listed

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