Pawn – At Rome Studios EP [ADB]

This is a 5 song self released tape from 1999. There is a CD release party at the Cage (21 and over) July 3rd, but another show will be played at Cool and Phat on June 25th, with Abacus for a $2 cover charge. Pawns current line up has vbeen around for nearly five years now, and they show no signs of slowing down. In “Good Friday” they draw influences from Pantera, and Deftones (My own Summer). Pawnis good screaming metal with melodic parts thrown in. The members of this band are no greenhorns when it comes to music, as Shawn, has been in various Lancasterian bands since 1987. The new album will be out for sale on July 5th. They go from a fast Deftones / Pantera sounding song into a more brutal “Walk” sound that has slower parts that kick ass. “Pave the Way” is so different that it cannot be catagorized, going from slow tempo to very fast. “Answer” has a great guitar beginning, then it goes into thrash metal, with a slow, almost talking chorus. “Antidote’ starts out slow and then has fast parts.


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Author: James McQuiston

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