Pax Arcana – No where now here [ADB]

Really boring alt Canadian rock by this 5 piece band in 1994. While the music is actually pretty decent, the whole sound is dated, but Pax Arcana aren’t to blame- they released this when all alt rock was popular. “Pears” is a rocking song that has a definite Pink Floyd sound. “Walk” goes from whiny indy rock to a hard rock sound. “Mesmerized” goes from a good song to crape. i just cannot get into PA. They have a few good parts to their songs, but the songs always get really horrible and whiny.”Wasted” is really good with great guitar riffs, and a very speed tempo. “Reaffirmation” is another decent song, with great lyrics and a driving beat with a organ, It seems like as the cd progresses the lyrics and music also get better. The ene doesn’t completely make up for the beginning

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Author: James McQuiston

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