SLOUGH FEG (Cruz Del Sur) Hard in the USA tour starts today!

The Lord Weird Slough Feg, whose name is derived from a character in ancient Irish mythology, originates from Central Pennsylvania. The band relocated to San Francisco, California in 1990 in hopes of resurrecting the ailing ‘true metal’ scene in the United States. The band quickly gained a reputation as, ‘The band San Francisco loved to hate’ by taking a stand against the trends and incorporating stage savagery with strong visual imagery.

Three demos were produced by the band in the early to mid nineties. These were followed up by a self produced, self titled debut CD released in 1996. Scoring points for originality in the European underground, they aroused the interest of Dragonheart in 1998 and Twilight of the Idols was released in 1999 on Dragonheart Records. This was followed by, Down Among the Deadmen released in the year 2000, and Sci-Fi epic, Traveller in 2003. In 2005 the band moved to the Italian label Cruz Del Sur, and shortened their name to simply, Slough Feg with the release of Atavism.

…and 2007 brings the dawn of Hardworlder. Slough-Feg’s style is an eclectic mix of Celtic Folk and Traditional Metal peppered with buckets of energy and lyrical depth.

11/08/2007 The Vista, Eureka, CA w/Thrones
11/09/2007 Mt Tabor Theatre – Portland OR w/Dark Black
11/10/2007 Comet Tavern – Seattle WA w/Slave Traitor, Skelator
11/12/2007 Burt’s Tiki Lounge – Salt Lake City UT
11/13/2007 3 Kings Tavern – Denver CO w/National Blues Arsenal
11/14/2007 Replay Lounge – Lawrence KS w/The Cast Pattern
11/15/2007 *TBA – Omaha NE
11/16/2007 Turf Club – St. Paul MN
11/17/2007 Annex – Madison WI w/Bible of the Devil, Skintones
11/18/2007 Quencher’s – Chicago IL w/Bible of the Devil, Cocaine Wolves
11/19/2007 Mac’s Bar – Lansing MI w/Superchrist, Harbinger
11/20/2007 Jigsaw Saloon – Cleveland OH
11/21/2007 Club Midway – New York NY
11/23/2007 The Khyber – Philadelphia PA w/LeResistance, Queen Diamond
11/24/2007 The Milestone – Charlotte NC w/Poontanglers
11/25/2007 Joli Rouge – Asheville NC
11/26/2007 The Dregs – Memphis TN
11/27/2007 The Dart Room – Fayetteville AR
11/28/2007 *TBA – Texas
11/29/2007 Red 7 – Austin TX w/Black Cobra, The Flood
11/30/2007 Peace and Justice Center – Albuquerque NM
12/01/2007 *TBA – Tucson AZ
12/02/2007 Relax Bar – Los Angeles CA

“…the four piece still create some of the most unique and dynamic material currently making the rounds within heavy metal’s deepest depths.” – Metal Maniacs

“Slough Feg make no feints at modernity… Trends will come and go, but Slough Feg persevere.” – Decibel

“…Slough Feg records are impressively authentic fare, metaphorically giving the finger to ProTools-reliant bands whose glossy sheen is aurally akin to eating way too much cotton candy at once.” – Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles

“Slough Feg’s songwriting is particularly fascinating for other musicians, who can’t quite fathom how so many ‘incorrect’ theory decisions… can come out sounding so natural and compelling.” –

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