Slush Fund – While We’re Still Ahead [ADB]

Longshot Records in 1999, with 28 songs. 5 white guys play ska-punk for 5 years, and then break up. Pretty sad. It is pretty good for a band that has 3rd wave ska influences. Slush Fund isnt a ska band, but a punk band with a trumpet. Very speed delivery of lyrics, and short songs length make this band great. Some of the guitar riffs on a few of the songs are awkward in the choruses, but other wise all of the parts of Slush Fund (especially the Bass) are really good. There is excellent recording on this album, and the band sounds great. The guitar riffs are a little tripe. Nothing is really wrong with this band, and they have a pretty good sound. However, there are moments in which Slush Fund goes too ska for me, which completely blows ass. Fortunately, these fits of crap are few and short. The oi parts on the disc are great, but there are only a few of them. Some pretty funny opening are at the beginning of the songs. There are a few weak songs, like the ska rap medley known as “what to choose” . The goods and bads cross each other out.


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Author: James McQuiston

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