Stadden’s Bridge – S/T [ADB]

10 songs on Army Ant Records in 99. Aside from the sickening religious liner notes, the band is pretty cool. I have been able to see these guys live a few times, and they kick ass. “Wishful Thinking” sounds like a song fit for 120 minutes with an excellent groove and a sound like the Crash Test Dummies with 70s country. Excellent song to start out the disc out with, and an excellent audible bass line. Its amazing how much SB has progressed from Have You seen lucky? Jason Kittle is an hell of an influence, being their new vocalist. In Before you stop… they experiment with more of a funk/spankish sound with the excellently sung and written lyrics. Look for these guys to be big in about a year. SB is so good they don’t fit into any genre. The bass and the singing are the two best things about the band. “Joey” has an excellent guitar beginning going into SBs untouchable style. Try to find the guys playing somewhere live, or pay $15 for the disc at SB, PO Box 26, Hebron Ohio 43025.

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Author: James McQuiston

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