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For individuals that loved the storyline behind “Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror’, “Logan’s Shadow’ is the next game in the series. The game’s story line essentially runs as so: Gabe Logan has to get into a well guarded’s ship’s cargo hold to get some technology before it falls into the wrong hands. Pieces start falling together and Logan learns that the package has been taken and the ship has been taken over. Logan’s luck gets worse and worse as his boss, Robert Cordell, is shutting down the International Presidential Consulting Agency because one of Logan’s allies, Lian Xing, has been suspected of being a double agent, disappearing from the radar. The game has a hell of a story, equally the equivalent of any spy or suspense thriller, but how does the game play stack up to other Syphon Filter games, and do the tweaks that Sony added to the game make the whole experience any more compelling than “Dark Mirror’?

The first thing that individuals will see when they play the game is the upgraded physics engine. This means that individuals run, are shot, and do other actions in ways that real human beings would do them, rather than just seeming like puppets without strings. Fun parts of the game include Logan’s ability to use individuals as human shields, being able to fight in all 360 degrees when an individual is underwater, and the ability to use other characters at pivotal moments, to provide assistance to Gabe whenever he needs it. Beyond the updates to the game play, the graphics have been given a nice shot in the arm. Whether it is more realistic-looking human models, building and item models, or the overall look of the entire game,

“Logan’s Shadow’ pushes the PSP to its limits – and then some. Just playing this game made me realize of the advancements made in the last few years in portable gaming; I would not be disappointed if I was given this on a PS2 disc and told it was a new game for the system. The story arc that is Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow is far from over, as individuals can play a “sneak preview’ of the sequel to the game, “Combat Ops’ on each copy of “Logan’s Shadow’. Pick up this game and be taken into a storyline that is compelling, game play that is impressive, and graphics that are astonishing given the size of the PSP.

Rating: 8.0/10

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