The Die Vol 2 Issue 3

The Die Vol 2 Issue 3 / Free / 11×14 / 12 Pages / Red Roach Press, PO Box 764, College Park, MD 20740 / / /

I signed up for The Die a few months ago, and haven’t really had time to read any of Joe’s zines until this period. However, I should be kicking myself, as The Die is one of the better-written reads I’ve had lately. Starting off with the changing of eir’s own views about Self-Reliance and Self-Sufficiency, Joe prefaces the piece by discussing the random suit about the Oreo cookies having trans-fatty acids. While I was totally with eir during the beginning of the piece, Joe lost me when ey started talking about the philosophical nature of things, bringing in a lot of Emersonian thought. Immediately following this piece were a number of reviews of various philosophers’ treatises, and you have to see where I’m coming from to realize how uninterested I was – I absolutely hate 90% of philosophy, including what ey reviews. However, this doesn’t make the zine any less strong, as the key premises of each individuals’ tract is detailed in such a way that even a philophobe like me is able to understand what the philosopher was talking about. Moving on, a “no comment”-type of short news blurbs are delivered in Lefty’s Corner and Whose Side Are They On, with minor comments being delivered by Joe. Finally, aside from the letters adorning the back pack of The Die, we are left with a killer set of zine reviews, including some smaller market zines that I hadn’t heard. The Die is free, so make sure to e-mail Joe and get put on the mailing list!

Rating: 6.6/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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