The Pissants – Nothing Looks Better Everyday [ADB]

1999 on sour records, with 12 songs. 4 piece hc band from Dunkirk NY. Extremely cool audible bass with super fast songs that are fucking perfect to mosh to. all the pieces sound great together with excellent guitars and bass. The drums aren’t half bad either. I haven’t heard something this fast being so good in a long time. These guys kick so much ass its not funny. WNY has some serious awesome bands, and the Pissants pave the way to the future. They even have songs about girls that aren’t cheesy and suck ass. The Pissants should be the next big thing because everybody should like them , but those people probably will never hear their magic. “Reprize ” is about the weakest sounding song on the disc, sounding like a mix of nofx and blink, but it still is way better then avg.They even cover knowledge by op ivy. its a faithful cover of the original. Get this CD for $6 at The Pissants, 53 W 5th St, Dunkirk NY 14048. Excellent album ,and i hope to hear from them soon.


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Author: James McQuiston

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