V/A – Fictional: A Tribute To The Cure [ADB]

Fictonal- A tribute to the cure

Finally, a good tribute album. 99% of the the tribute albums suck, but this one is really good. This is a Swedish Import that i got for $7 at NRM, and it was money well spent. Most of the covers are dance songs, and as a oddity, they have some substance behind them. I guess it is only Brit and American dance that is all fluffy. All of these songs are great, but the CD only has 11 songs. The contact information for this album is October, P.O Box 114, S-343 22 Älmhult, Sweden. Thy can be called at +46-(0)476-15330. They can be emailed at october@oden.se . Please note that this info is from 1995, which is the release date for the album, and the info is probably out of date.

Rating: 7/10

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