Vic Goddard – Long Term Side Effect [ADB]

This was release in 99 on Tugboat Records, and it has 15 songs. It cost me nothing. Vic Godard has had a long history, from being in the Subway Sect, a British punk band, to now, as a Rock band as Vic Godard. The album is great, mixing reggae with rock with indy with soul. Vic is all over the musical map, drawing from an amazing amount of influences to make a very good album. The songs have something for everyone, which may be why this album rocks so much balls. If there is a bad part of a song, they go through it and not repeat it to death like so many other bands do. As a whole, the songs definitely have a 70’s feel, with Funky Gospel like tracks (Common Thief) and Surf Punk (no Love Now) A few of the songs also have a lounge song. This is why I like Vic Godard. They don’t stay withing the normal classifications for bands, and in being different, they created a completely different sound. Pick up this album if you like Elvis Costello, Disco, or Indy Rock.


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Author: James McQuiston

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