An Ode to No One

An Ode to No One / (7 by 6?) / 28 Pages / Trade / $1 / / / Ashley Lambert , PO Box 1417, Revelstoke, BC, VOE 2S0, Canada /

This is probably about the first true fanzine that I’ve ever read, and I can’t think of many better bands to lavish attention on besides the Smashing Pumpkins. Ashley does this fanzine in an interesting paper size, one I hadn’t seen before, and puts a very cool spin on the issue. I get as much of a weird feeling from this zine as I do from the more emotion-filled ones that I typically get. The layout is fairly airy, with much space surrounding a small amount of text on each page. The effect of this is to allow for connections on more than one layer – one can fall in love with Ashley’s writing, or they can fall in love with the very artistic and grainy pictures of the Pumpkins. Moving from typed text to handwritten words really is an interesting transition, as I can’t find any specific reason for it. However, it does have a nice effect. By far though, the best part of the zine is the letter that ey wrote (and didn’t send?) to Billy Corgan and the rest of the Pumpkins, detailing a dream that ey had about them and just how big of a fan ey is. Even if you don’t like the Pumpkins, this is still a zine to be checked out, and Ashley is definitely a cool zinester in ey’s own right.

Rating : 7.5/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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