B.l.o.o.d. #1

B.l.o.o.d. #1 / Fourth-Sized / 16 Pages / Free / bloodsisters@graffiti.net /

This is the second manifesto that I’ve gotten to review in the last twenty-four hours. The first was the Afunctionul manifesto, which dealt with the small band of individuals and the desire of individuals to promote the ideals of the scene, while b.L.o.O.D. discusses the need for feminism to go back underground and be openly revolutionary. The petty fighting between certain waves of feminists, between Caucasians and women of color, between those individuals who would have a women-only policy for the movement to those to see that individuals of all sexes can further the movement, is something that b.L.o.O.D. strives for. To accomplish their own goals, bathroom signs must be defaced, the exploitation of women must be stopped, and the sexual binary must be destroyed. The zine might be of a small size, but don’t let that fool you – this is the most important document in contemporary feminism of the last 5, 10, maybe even 25 years. Make sure to e-mail the leaders of the movement and creators of this zine at the address listed above; they need all the support they can get to fuck things up proper. While the media has pushed feminism to the sidelines and turned the term itself into a form of derision, the simple fact s that feminists are absolutely necessary for the reformulation of society into one where people are not debased by race, sexuality, gender, or any perceivable difference between individuals.

Rating: 9.6/10

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