Camo-jaket #2

This magazine was yet another one that I lost the review for during the moving of the website back to its original server. I have had actually two chances to read this magazine, so I feel myself a little bit better versed to write this review than I might have been if I had simply started reviewing during the firs read of it. Jazz does her zine like the style of a lot of per-zinesters, with simple bits of pieces taking up the vast majority of the space on a page, and poetry interspersed through these pieces, these recollections about different parts of her life, leading up to the current day. One of the most interesting pieces for me to read was her description of a doctors office – every flaw being so expertly described and the narrative expanding out to what is one of the most coherent existential questioning sections that I believe I have ever seen. I find the second half of the magazine to be the most telling in enlightening me to who Jazz really is, with a recollection of a very cool camp counselor and about her first boyfriend, both events that took place in her early life. Also, Jazz breaks up the text in a few key points with mini-comics about herself, done in a very simple, yet very taking style. While I don’t have the exact price for an issue of her zine, I would say to send her a dollar at jazz mcginnis, 10725 sw riverside drive, Portland, OR 97219.

Rating : 7.3/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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