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So, I have bad news. Mostly Harmless Magazine is no more. I had thought I reviewed this zine when I first received it back in February or March of 2006, but I stuck it in a pile after reading it and forgot about it. This issue has a tremendous amount of writing, and this amount increases dramatically when one considers that the layout is such that a few hundred words adorn each page. While the layout is not as simple as some of the cut and paste and Word-laid out magazines on the market, Mostly Harmless nonetheless has a very simple feel to it. While this has its benefits (no hard to read text), the presence of large blocks of text makes it hard to read through the pieces. There are quite a few good interviews in this issue of Mostly Harmless that will go by quickly for readers. The issue’s main piece is with Lagwagon, but there are solid pieces with Stretch Arm Strong and Damian Willcox, the artist behind the very cute but haunting cover art of this issue. Furthermore, there are tons of great reviews that Damian and the gang give a great treatment to, so that individuals know exactly what is good and bad about different works. It is a shame that this marked the last print issue, but I have little doubt that Damian will get back into the zine creation process here in 2007 or 2008. Hit up the website and see if Damian still has copies.

Rating: 7.2/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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