Teenage Bottlerocket Releasing “Warning Device”

Teenage Bottlerocket! They have a new song posted on their myspace page called “Warning Device” .

Greetings my fellow commie pinkos! I’ve been waiting for this day for a couple of years now. More like a brand new song from Red Scare’s flagship band, Teenage Bottlerocket. The song is called “In The Basement” and it comes from their upcoming LP, “Warning Device”, which is out January 8th. Happy days are here again.

We’re shooting for an early digital release date, but iTunes always takes forever and they’re probably too busy making pompous commercials about their status computers… but I digress! Look for “Warning Device” on 12/27 through your favorite download service. It bears mentioning that the digital release will have a bonus song: “I Know You Know”.

They guys are going to film a video for “In The Basement” in their hometown of Laramie this Saturday. Time for all you punks out on the Front Range to strap on your snowshoes and go help them film the vid. For more info on that, the new record, touring plans, yadayada, go visit them here:


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